Roomba 980

The new Roomba 980 with built-in wifi was announced by iRobot on September 16, 2015. Just wondering if anyone has tried one out yet, and if so, any chance it will work with either of the two existing apps already available (Roomba Roowifi or Roomba ThinkingCleaner)?

My guess is that the answer is no. :frowning:

Found this on the iRobot web site after searching in the Customer Support area: “The Roomba 900 series does not have an open API at this time. We are certainly following these emerging options for integration and the benefits they can bring.”

I am planning to buy one for Christmas, anyway. Cheers.

I was wondering the same thing. Too bad about the API. I e-mailed Neato this morning to see if their new BotVac Connected has an open API…

At the price of that thing I’ll stick with my 650 and for $450.00 I have wifi.