Room / Section Names UI2 hinders viewing event logs?

Okay, this may become OBE with UI4 on the horizon. Not sure if this is a bug, or just the way things work.

Running UI2 .994

I had changed the Description in ‘Rooms’ from the default House to something else…

Also had changed the default text in ‘sections’ from ‘My Home’ as well.

All worked fine… However I noticed that on findvera there were no longer Luup Events showing. Any scene triggered was not showing an entry, the calendar itself did not even show… Just the Room title. I thought I had a logging problem but when checking local logs, clicking track on vera, those events were there.

So renamed Room ans Section to default titles, saved and went back to findvera… calendar shows up in Luup Events and all events that occurred are now on the calendar…

Just passing the info along.