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I recently bought a RollerTrol motor with remote. I bought the RFXCOM RFXTRX433E and hooked it up with the plugin. The “projector screen” device was created, and everything works great as far as transmitting to the motor so that I can raise/lower the screen. However, I also want to use the remote control as a trigger for an entire scene, but I cannot even figure out where to begin looking to understand this stuff. Honestly, I feel like I got lucky just getting the transmission to work. Is there a “getting started” guide for understaing the RFXCOM and this plugin? All the forum topics seem over my head, since the Vera is new to me as well. I apologize if I am breaching some sort of forum etiquette; as I said, I am new to this. Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

You may want to verify that the rfxcom can also receive information from the rollertrol. It can sometimes send commands, sometimes receive, sometimes both.
I’m new too, but your scene should maybe be bound to the roller up/roller down event of your rollertrol ?

Hope it helps ::slight_smile:

The Rollertrol remote (BlindsT0) is not received during normal operation. The reason is that it conflicts with all other protocols.
It can be received using Type2 firmware. With the BlindsT0 protocol all other protocols are disabled and the Rollertrol remote is received. The received ID and unit code can be used in an application to control the motor without adding a new RFXtrx433 remote to the motor.

See chapter 2.2.2. in the RFXtrx User Guide for the list of protocols supported in each firmware version.

Sorry I didn’t reply, I thought the forum would send me an email when someone replied to my posting, but I guess not.

Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate any help I can get.

However, I’m a complete newbie. I understand so very little of what you’re saying.

I will restate what I think you are telling me:

  1. The Rollertrol remote works on the BlindsT0 protocol. Correct?
  2. That the RFXTRX433E (or the RFXtrx plugin) does not, by default, listen to transmissions from that protocol. Correct?
    2a) Is it the device or the plugin that doesn’t listen?
  3. If the firmware on some device is Type2, then the transmissions can be received.
    3a) Which device needs Type2 firmware?
    3b) If I have the Type2 firmware, transmissions CAN be received, but do I have to do something special to enable that?
  4. Once receiving transmissions, two pieces of data called the ID and the unit code can be plucked off it. Correct?
    4a) When you say “an application” can control the motor, what is an application? Is it a plugin?
    4b) Do I have to create this application, or does one exist?

Again, thanks for your help. Sorry for my density.

Enabling protocols operates only for receive. Transmit protocols are always enabled.

To control a Rollertrol motor from the VERA you have 2 options:
1 create a VERA device with a random ID ? unit code and pair this VERA device with the motor,
2 get the ID ? Unit code used by the Rollertrol remote and use this code also in VERA plug-in to control the motor.

To get the ID - unit code from the Rollertrol motor you have to use Type2 RFXtrx firmware because this version has the possibility for receiving of the BlindsT0 - Rollertrol remote. You can use the same ID and unit code used by the Rollertrol remote in the VERA plug-in to control the motor without having to pair the motor with the VERA plug-in using another ID- unit code.

If you enable the BlindsT0 protocol (thus for receiving of the Rollertrol remote) than all other receive protocols are disabled.
Thus if you want to receive other protocols you have disable the BlindsT0 protocol and select the protocols necessary to receive the sensors.

So select BlindsT0 only once to get the ID-unit code of the Rollertrol remote and for normal use disable the BlindsT0 protocol.
And yes, you cannot receive the Rollertrol remotes in normal use.

Read also chapter 2.4 in the RFXtrx User Guide.

Hi, as the lead developer of the RollerTrol shade and blind motor system, I just wanted to clarify the situation with regards to the RFXtrx USB transceiver.

The ‘receiving’ mode is only enabled briefly so that Vera can ‘learn’ the remote control codes for your motorized shades. You simply press a button on the 8 or 14 channel remote, and it will instantly recognize that motor command from that point forward. Add as many channels as you like; the theoretical maximum number of channels is in excess of 60,000 - should be enough for most homes.

You then turn off the RollerTrol receiving capability, which puts the USB transceiver into ‘transmit only’ mode for normal operation. You can still receive signals via the USB transceiver from sensors and other devices.

The Vera system can then run automated sketches for our blind and shade motors that you create, and you can still use the hand held and wall mounted remotes to control your motors directly, over-riding any Vera automated commands.

Our wifi relay motor controller for our electric window openers can also added to the Vera system for extra functionality. This allows you add the ability to open and close windows, in addition to the ability to raise and lower shades. These actuators can be used to push anything in any direction, so they can be used to control vents and other items too.

The 12v power requirements of our motorized blinds and window openers also fit nicely with our solar greenhouse automation program.

Regards, Adrian

Adrian Biffen
Customer Service
RollerTrol Automation Systems

Wow, I feel so dumb here. Adrian, thanks for the attempt at clarifying.

If I understand correctly, I cannot do what I want to do.

I have the motor working: it responds to the remote and to Vera commands.
So let’s pretend the motor is no longer involved.

Very simply, this is what I want to do:

  1. Push a button on the remote.
  2. Vera receives this signal (via the USB transceiver), and then runs a scene.

Am I understanding correctly that this will not work, because the USB transceiver will not be able to “receive” the signal from the RollerTrol remote?
It seems like I keep reading something to the effect of “the USB transceiver receives signals only briefly, but it will continue receiving signals.” As a newbie, this is quite confusing. I’m not sure if the USB transceiver is regularly “listening” for signals or not.

Thanks again for your patience!

Hi, that’s correct, our remotes were not designed to trigger Vera scenes.

Regards, Adrian

The RFXtrx433E receiver is constantly receiving (except when the transmitter is active), to receive weather sensors, smoke detectors, remotes… See the RFXtrx User Guide chapter 2.
There are a number of remotes supported, for example HomeEasy, NEXA, Chacon, KAKU, European X10, LightwaveRF …

Thanks guys!