Richard - PLEASE include option for Silent "Internal notifications'

While VA is very helpful when trying to troubleshoot Vera restarts, the alert sound is driving me and my wife crazy. I had to turn off the alerts - which defeats the purpose.

Please make there be an option to configure it, or at least make it silent - log only, no sound.

thank you

I put our phones on silence (vibrate only with the alert flashing on the screen) with VeraMate receiving the alert. Good WAF.

The new release (early today) has message prefix for internal alerts in the Settings.

Thx, didn’t know there is a new release… I’ll jump on it ASAP.

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Updating now - looking forward to see what all has changed.

I noticed updating a message override saved on the first try (and I had missed an update).

How does the Internal Alerts Msg Prefix work? When I select the “?” in the upper right corner, it takes me to Vera Alerts - Vera Plugin for Notifications but I get:

This page can’t be displayed

Make sure the web address is correct.
Look for the page with your search engine.
Refresh the page in a few minutes.

The same way it works with every other profile …
It gets added to message string at the beginning.

I see, if blank, then the original message is sent.