Richard, need help fixing - Vera Alerts not cleaning up old / changed data

Can you help me fix the VA device? It is messed up.

I have reloaded Vera several times, and even did a power-down… the issue persists.

I changed about 10 devices this week, adding Notifications to the devices that did not have any currently (but did in the past) and VA did not clean that up… I’m now showing both the old (no longer existing device notifications) and the newly set device notifications.

I pulled all the data from the Advanced tab - it is a mess. ALL my old data seems is there.

Problem descriptions…

  1. Vera Alerts does not seem to be cleaning up old/changed/deleted data
    My VA shows items from devices that I changed the names for - VA still shows the old name.
    My VA also shows Notifications for devices that don’t have any notifications set inside the device itself - the notifications did exist in the past, I deleted them. They still show, and they actually work, e.g. alerts are sent.

  2. When I remove an alert in VA, the Message Override still exists. Thus, when I create a ‘new’ alert, that alert inherits the old Message Override. This really is not a huge deal but is shows VA is not cleaning up the old data.

  1. Turn off process notifications …
  2. OPen Notificatication Configuration
  3. Save/Reload Vera.

That will get rid of all previous notifications.

I tried that 3 times, it does not clear out old info or duplicates.

Examples of what I’m seeing…

Foyer Motion – this device was changed to ‘Living Room Motion’ but still shows as Foyer.

I have 9 devices that have duplicate Notification in VA.

see screenshot for the full run-down - all items with {tone:5}aaaaa need to be removed from VA

I tried to manually clean up but I could not figure out the format of the advanced tab data.
Can you add a function in the code to remove line items with the Notification Override of {remove} ?

I did an experiment… I deleted, from a few Motion devices, the item that was causing a duplicate. I confirmed, in the device itself it was no longer there (reloaded/refreshed) and one, not both, of the items disappeared from Vera Alerts.

This seems to be pointing to VA ‘seeing’ something that Vera is not displaying on screen when looking at the device itself?

How can we isolate where the ‘ghost’ notifications live, and remove them?

thanks for the help.

Did you look in the Automation -> Triggers tab … that’s where all of the notifications are listed.
A notification is really just a trigger with no Scene actions.

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:6, topic:182338”]Did you look in the Automation -> Triggers tab … that’s where all of the notifications are listed.
A notification is really just a trigger with no Scene actions.[/quote]

Thank you, that is the issue. I did not know VA pulls those in, and VA does not show the ‘source’ of trigger (I thought it did, but I guess not since it does not tell your those 9 were from one of my Automation Scenes. Please add a column in the report for “source” - this would have avoided 3 hours of me trying to ‘fix’ a vera alerts problem that was not. Maybe it will save other people headaches in the future.

Also, it would be VERY useful to be able to tell VA to ignore specific Notifications. In this case, I have triggers to tell that Scene to start security cameras to record - I don’t want VA to send me an alert about it. I take care of VA alerts directly on the devices themselves. Can you add something like {ignore} or {disable} ?

Any plans to address this? This is a large problem… it allows for duplicate alerts and not way to disable them. So now I have MANY duplicate notifications and no way to resolve this unless I delete the triggers from Automation… which would then kill a lot of functionality in Vera itself.

Am I missing something?