RGB WiFi Controller

I recently purchased a RGB Wifi Controlled to control some led strips, it is very similar to Mi Light RGB… im tryin to integrate this with vera but cant get it to work…i already have it bridge to my home network. i tried using the Mi Light RGB pluh in but is not working… any suggestions on how to?

It may help if you tell us what type of Wi-Fi controller you have.

  • Garrett


Reading some of the Q/A on Amazon and it says that there is no published API for this. So unless you can find a way to backtrack it from the app (magic color), this won’t be controllable through Vera. If you bought this because MiLIght RGB has a plugin for the Vera and you assumed this would work because of that because it is similar technology, you were wrong.

I’m not saying it’s not possible, just that you may have to put some time and research into it and create your own plugin to control them.