Rfxtrx help

Hi there,
I have a Vera plus running fireware 7.32, Lightwave rf socket and a rgxtrx443e.
I originally had the socket connect to my Vera but had to delete them due to them being unreliable. I’ve tried re adding them but can’t for the life of me get them to show up in devices in my Rfxtrx. After I add ‘new device’ in setting on the Rfxtrx it states ‘Vera will reload to validate changes…’ BUT NOTHING HAPPENS. Please can someone assist. Go easy on me as I’m a bit of a noob with this tech. Thanks I’m advance.

So the device you attempted to add doesn’t show up in the “Devices” tab?
What device type did you select and what Id and Unit code did you enter?

Brilliant I was hoping you’d reply as i’d seen a few of your posts on rfxtrx ha ha.
No nothing shows up in the devices tab in Vera or in the managed device section of my Rfxtrx.
I selected ‘dimmable light’ & I’ve also tried ‘switch light’

Just stays on this screen without doing anything.

At this point I can only suggest looking at the Vera log. If you have WinSCP you can log into the VeraPlus and see the log (LuaUPnP.log) in /tmp/log/cmh/. When viewing that log look for "error: " at the timestamp when you click “Create”.
The other way to view the log is to use your browser. Use this as the URL in the browser (not including the brackets[]): http://[your VeraPlus IP address]/cgi-bin/cmh/log.sh?Device=LuaUPnP

I’ve never done this before.
I’m hoping you can make more sense of this than I can,as if my 4 year old daughter had got hold of a keyboard and smashed a load of buttons it wouldn’t look too dissimilar to this in my eyes :joy:
So the bottom of the page was when I tried to create a device.

Well, trying to read the log in the way you’ve posted it is almost impossible. In addition I should have suggested that you enable debug logging in the RFXtrx. You can do that in the “Settings” tab of the RFXtrx. Turn that on and then try to add the device again, noting the exact time when you click “Create”. Then go back and turn RFXtrx debug logging off. Debug logging ads quite a bit to the Vera log and may in fact cause it to restart the log.
When you view the Vera log in your browser to find the point at witch you tried to create the device, you can just copy and paste from the browser page at that point into a message to me (click my username and select Message).

O sorry about that.
I can’t change any of the settings. Every time I click into plugin settings and change then it reverts back to the old settings (which is debug off). There is no option to save changes once they’ve been made only the ‘back’ button.
Maybe I’ll delete my Rfxtrx from my Vera and re add

I don’t think you’re communicating with the RFXtrx. Thia might be the whole problem. Check the serial port settings of the Vera. On the Vera dashboard go to Apps → Develop Apps → Serial Port Configuration. Baud 3800 - Parity None - Stop Bits 1. Used by device - select your RFXtrx.

All those settings are correct apart apart from baud 38400. There’s nothing in IP address.

Yes, the IP address will be blank. If the Baud is not correct it won’t communicate. Does this show your RFXtrx device in the “Used by device” setting?

Yes it does. The picture above I changed when I was messing with it but yeah the Rfxtrx shows normally. It’s annoying I can’t even set debug to show you what’s not working :confounded:

When you select the RFXtrx Protocol Settings tab what do you see for Firmware Type and Firmware Version?

Only thing I can find is this…

You’re using a very old version of the plugin. Go to this post: Plugin Update version 1.97 - Updated! And follow the instructions to upload the latest version of the plugin. If you need help go here: Plugin Update version 1.97 - Updated!

Ok I’ve got the thread, I’ve downloaded the file then unzipped (67 items).
How do I upload the files to update the plugin? As you can tell I’m pretty useless at this. Thanks for your continued replies btw.

Read closely the notes here: RFXtrx Plugin Notes
I intended to give you this link before but I didn’t.

Ok I’m NEARLY there!!!
One side of the socket works fine (it’s a double socket) and the other side will only switch off when on. After it switches off it won’t turn back on again. It’s like it’s not receiving the ‘on commands’
Thanks again for helping me out I didn’t think I’d ever get this up and working :ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2::ok_hand:t2:

Sorted! I’m an idiot,I had it as a ‘dimmer’ instead of a ‘switch’.
You’re are a hero :smiley:

Glad it’s all working.