RfxTrx and dimmer and wall switch for north america

Recent owner of a veralite and an RfxTrx module (the 433.92 mhz one), I managed to configure and add several oregon scientific - RadioShack weather sensors running on the 433.92 frequency. I also have been able to configure some UPM (Kopla) wall sockets and work very well.
The main reason I went the RfxTrx way was to add some cheap 433 wall switch and dimmers that are compatible to the 433 mhz frequency and it seems that none is operating in this frequency in North America. They all use the 315Mhz X10 frequency.
What’s amazing is when I leave the RfxTrx in autocreate mode, I see many RFxLight and Chacon Remote devices created with RFX Light L10 and Rfx Remote L10 (Chacon device) codes, which seems to be some X10 devices. These devices are neighbors switchs and remote.
So it seems that there are some X10 or LightWave devices that operate on the 433Mhz and my question is how to know the exact model of these devices or if people in the US or Canada are using the RfxTRx with 433mhz switchs? Really wanted to find some compatible devices in this frequency.

Well, I will answer to my own question, there is a bunch of livolo switch made for the US and using the 433.92 frequency:


All these switchs and plug can be controlled by the Rfxtrx plugin… Really good news!

From AliBaba, price is under 30$, so really affordable and will buy few of them to test with the plugin