RFID suggestions

Hi all,

I am looking into purchasing up to 3 RFID Readers that will be installed in 3 different locations throughout my house (at each Door entrance. I would also like the ability to program (or purchase) at least 4 RFID Tags (like the type that can attach to a key chain, these could be used on all 3 RFID readers . The purpose of these would be to disarm my Security System scene.

I have read up on the Fipato RFID Mini Keypad, it looks exactly like the type I would like, however I have read that there are issues with associating multiple RFID Tags to one of these readers.

Is there anyone else that has any other suggestion or device that I may use to achieve what I am trying to do?

Why not an Aeon Labs keyfob? Just press a button to arm and disarm?

It’s listed as ZWave Plus but one comment states it works with VeraEdge so I’m not sure. Others would have to speak more to that.


My experience with the Aeon keyfob wasn’t so good. Specifically, construction and QA. It was difficult to configure but even after I was finally able to configure it, it broke. Fortunately, I was able to get a refund. But I did do something similar with the Aeon minimote. I installed a few of them in key places around the house attached by velcro so that they can be easily removed for charging. I placed them next to light switches so that they look like they belong. At least they passed the WFA test.

Sorry guys, I don’t want a remote solution. I appreciate the info, however I still would prefer a RFID or proximity sensor solution to my issue. I do not want to use my phone as a solution because my children and babysitter have no phones.

Anybody else with any RFID solution?

If you are on ui7, the zipato appears to be fully supported now with multiple tags and codes. See post 35 on this thread for screen shots http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/topic,26394.45.html

Yep, I have a couple of the Zipato units and multiple fobs - Integrates nicely with the house modes of UI7. My only beef is that because it is a battery device you need to press a button to wake it before you present a tag. The tags are inexpensive at GBP2.00

@ pbrisebois I suspect that the house mode may be an issue for you but if you use the house modes plugin as well you can have PLEG liaise with your scene.

Is there anything working on ui5. I’m not up to upgrading to ui7 just yet.

Can’t help with UI5 I’m afraid but just thinking outside the box…what about a zwave door lock? You can give unique pin numbers to your users so you can see who is home from anywhere. you can arm and disarm the alarm accordingly.

What about these ?


There are demo videos as well on UI5 and works with UI7.

[quote=“cw-kid, post:9, topic:191038”]What about these ?


There are demo videos as well on UI5 and works with UI7.[/quote]

That looks awful

OP was looking for a working RFID solution for UI5 he didn’t specify about cosmetics. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know but this is for the op’s house ffs


Hi all,
my 2ct : on ui5 with zipato rfid and th? plughin I was not able to make more than 1 rfid work. it seems to be ? know issue. i Never tester on ui7.
Good luck