Reverting back to UI12

I am currently on the latest full version…1.1.1047

I am going to revert back to UI12 in order to have code scheduling for my schlage lock.

Does the new Beta Version have Code Scheduling???

Allegedly it now does so you may want to wait!

Like strangely mentioned. You may want to wait just a little longer. Hopefully something will be out very shortly. :slight_smile:

  • Garrett

Yup, according to MCV, it is in the new Beta as of a post yesterday.

Looking forward to this, might even load the Beta to try it. Awww who am I kidding, Vera is a delicate house of cards for me, and no way I am loading the Beta :wink:

Have you guys heard when it may be released??

Keeps sounding very close, I know MCV is anxious to get it out and the last comment had it down to just one issue to fix before release, though that could be 1 day or 2 weeks for all I know, rest assured they have been working very hard on it and they are striving to avoid any regressions in this release

Please see a similar set of comments at:

Supposedly the scheduling issue for Schlage locks still isn’t fixed in release 1.1.1155

We are now @ 1.1.1177

I can test the scheduling on 1177 when I get home tonight, in about 6 hours.

Oh goodie Shady is the Guinea Pig tonight. Let us know.

Okay so I couldn’t wait for Shady and loaded 1.1.1177 and there’s still no change to make it work.

Okay scratch that. It looks the same but once you actually try it an error screen pops up and tells you how to make it work. You just have to first save the code by checking the"Keep a copy of my PIN codes so that I can view them later" on the control tab and then exit and save. Next go back to the pin tab and set the schedule. Now I’m wondering if it did work on the older versions and it just didn’t tell you how to make it work.

Hi –

I an on UI4 1.1.1047 and I tried in the past exactly what you suggested and it does NOT work.