Reverse Proxy for Vera

I have Vera set up at a remote location where a Linux machine also resides. The location has a web server set up on Linux for other information transfer and I have set up a reverse proxy to access the /cmh page on Vera.

The proxy to Vera is working but I’m getting a “internet check status” failure as Vera loads.

Does anyone know what is required for the “internet check status”? I’d like to use this mechanism in addition to the findvera site as it’s more convenient in a few situations.


it probably checks to a actual web page and gets it true WAN IP
Just a guess

What I think you’re saying is that Vera initiates a query to a predefined website to verify internet connectivity. Is that it?

Not a bad guess, but I’m wondering how I might be able to figure out the correct passthrough on the proxy to allow this to work. Any ideas would be welcome.


You should allow your Vera to access our servers and the ntp servers for time synchronization.
Or you can click proceed without an internet connection.