Returning to schedule on Honeywell Thermostat after Home Mode AWAY to HOME

Morning all… I have my AWAY mode set up and in the setup I have both of my thermostats going to 64 degrees, the problem is when I come to HOME mode, the thermostats don’t resume the schedule. I tried setting the HOME mode to AUTO and not touching the temps, but I figured out the AUTO setting is just for the fan. I then tried NO CHANGE, and it doesn’t revert to the schedule, assuming because I have NO CHANGE selected.

So my question is - Is there any way to revert to the Thermostat Schedule in HOME mode?

Note: I know I can always set my temps to a specific degree, BUT the problem is if I would come home during the day vs. at night when I have different temperature scheduled, it won’t work.

I have Vera Plus, UI7, Honeywell Zwave thermostat.

(IF there is no way to do this - My thought would be to not use the thermostat to control my HVAC and setup everything in Vera Scenes, that seems to be only option…BUT if doing so:

  1. is there a way to select AUTO CIRCULATE vs AUTO on the thermostat in Vera Scenes?
  2. Anyone that has done this, any tips or advice, Vera Scenes or PLEG (if PLEG any help with setting that up would be appreciated)??

Any info is greatly appreciated!

I use PLEG to control my thermostat. Here is what I have setup:

  1. I look at the outdoor temperature. If >65, turn on cool. If <60, turn on heat.
  2. I have heat and cooling setpoints set by Mode. Home and Away, heat = 68, cool = 75. Night, heat = 65, cool=72. Vacation, heat = 60, cool =80.
  3. I have a schedule to set the mode to night. I actually have 2 schedules, one for during the week, and one for the weekend.
  4. I use iPhone locator to set the Home/Away modes. Vacation mode is set manually.
  5. My logic includes checks like if Away or Vacation, do not set Night.

Thanks, I’ll give it a try!

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@Don Phillips - Can you screen shot for PLEG having some troulbe fully understanding how to set it up. I printed the entire PLEG manual.

Attached is the status report. I have other logic to set Home and Away, but this contains the Night logic.

You can ignore the SomeOneHome logic I am playing with. I am trying to fix the issue when someone comes home after 9:30 pm and it knocks me back to Home mode. For now, I’ll just have to get home earlier ;D