Response from Mios regarding the outages

For a couple weeks we’ve been suffering from some unusual floods of activity that keep overloading the server. The servers have not been hacked, and they have not crashed. They’re getting flooded with requests. It appears to be a denial of service attack. It’s the same sort of problem that paypal, mastercard, etc., experienced recently when hackers kept pounding the server with requests until they got the servers down.

We ordered extra four extra servers last week and they are being installed in the data center tonight, and will be balancing the load across the servers. This will greatly increase the capacity so that it’s harder for anybody to take flood the server. We’re also setting up hardware firewall filtering that will be able to automatically ban IP’s that start flooding. Until now when our server gets flooded our IT manager has to get to the server and analyze the traffic to figure out what IP address is flooding the server and manually ban it. This is why it sometimes takes a couple hours to get the servers going again.

We’re very sorry for these issues and hope to have the new system in place by Friday. Thank you for your patience.

Thank you for the news and update! I think everyone on the forum appreciates having some idea of what is going on. Being honest and open yields a much better response to outages than cold-shouldered and closed. I genuinely thank you for posting this response. Glad to see you guys are scaling to deal with the issue.

I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for the info and I’ll be patient as long as I know what’s going on. Now I’m off to not complain :-X


Thanks for the update and for taking steps to address the issue!

So with these server updates, what can be expected for remote access to Vera? I heard from one of my Vera customers and they were having trouble getting in remotely after one of their renters couldn’t get in with their time based code.

So, I try to login using CP.MIOS.COM on my laptop, and it seems that I can get in, but I see “SERVER BUSY” in the upper right, and I cant try to click on a scene and it sometimes says “empty response” or it seems to run the scene, but them immediately goes back to “server busy”

I then sometimes see “starting Z-Wave” but it then instantly resumes to “server busy” It was working fine for a week, any ideas on what the heck would have gone wrong???

Thanks for any ideas