(resolved) TTS Google API KO ?

This morning, TTS is no more working from the Sonos plugin.
Is it ok for you ?

I have not yet trace to see what is wrong.

Yesterday, I did a lot of requests. Maybe my IP has been rejected ?

Mine is still working this morning. I did notice it changed from a male voice to female recently without me doing anything. Yet another upgrade side-effect…

Still working for me

It is solved. My Sonos_silence.mp3 file has disappeared. I uploaded it again and that’s working again.

Hello friends…

I am using the google TTS to generate messages in my home…

but when I do not have internet access this is not possible…

I can see when sonos reproduce the sound appears the file name i.e. say.111.mp3

my doubts…

where this file is saved ?

can I do a copy of this file when generated and put in my network hard drive for future use, since my messages are repeated phrases…

my think is generate many files using google TTS and archive for future use that mp3 file then when I do not have internet access the files is played from my network hard drive.

thanks for help !!!

The file is saved in the Vera (in /www) and is accessible through HTTP.
But the file is then deleted when playback ends.

The file I generate is patched, when the file is small, with a silence file. It is required to have a quick start when Sonos handles the file as a Web radio from the Vera.

If you plan do play MP3 files from a network share, it is probably not necessary and you should produce proper files.
Make a WEB search, it probabky exists basic tools to get the MP3 file using the Google API.

If you really want to get the files from the Vera, you can disable the file deletion: open the I_Sonos1.xml and comment the line “os.execute(DELETE_EXECUTE:format(device))”