Requesting support of the EZMotion 3-in-1 Motion sensor (HSM100)

When will Vera support the HSM100 motion sensor?


There’s more information available - try search “HSM100”

We have been in touch with Alberto and Brian at MiCasaVerde about this and we have sent a development sample for them to use in adding support for the HSM100. FYI.


HomeSeer Technologies.

macromark: do you plan an EU version of the HSM100?

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“Search” is a very helpful feature…

We discussed it before here:

It was also mentioned in other topics and MCV recently reported their status of receiving a unit from HomeSeer to add the support for it.

325xi already pointed DrZwave to the search function, thanks.

br, Hari

325xi already pointed DrZwave to the search function, thanks.

br, Hari[/quote]

Yes, I know. That’s why I said it’s very helpful… :wink:

HSM100 is a great product, but I wish I could find separate temperature and light sensors… smaller and cheaper

EU version of the HSM100 is here:

The US version is now supported. Whoever has the EU version, could you do me a favor, please? Hit the blue button to wake it up, and click the ‘configure now’ button in Vera for the device, and after a minute, reload Vera’s web site, click ‘+’ next to the device, and copy/paste the block of Capabilties/Manufacturer/etc. data? I need to add the manufacturer/producttype/product id to the database so Vera will see the Euro one like it does the U.S. one.

In 320 these still just show up as generic input output device. Has anyone else tested in 320

It was not supported in 320. The first release with the support for HSM100 was 370, but it is not available due to other issues.

Here are the capabilities of the European version of EZMotion 3-in-1 motion sensor (HSM100):

Capabilities 81,12,0,4,33,1|49,96,112,114,119,128,132,133,134,
Version 6,2,40,1,6
Model 30,2,1

Still not supported in 1.0.423

Works for me:

full support is included in today’s 487 firmware, including temp and light.

Motion part used to work for long time. Temperature and brightness still don’t work for me in 488 firmware, see

BTW, will battery level be exposed too? I see it in the devices section though…

try the 522 firmware. It fixes support for older hsm100’s. And there’s now a battery indicator too.

I’m curious how precisely HSM100 reports the temperature. Mine seems to be somewhat off…
Is there any way to calibrate it?

Not that I know of. I think it’s just a matter of the accuracy of the internal thermometer.