Request: use checkboxes for PIN restrictions to enable/disable them

Not sure if this is the right vehicle for this kind of feedback, but here it goes.

In my scenario I have people generally coming into my house a particular day of the week, so I have a PIN for them that is restricted from 9AM to 5PM on that particular day. However, every now and then we have to re-schedule and that particular visit happens on a different day of the week.

When that happens I need to remove the restriction and add a new one for the new day of the week with the same PIN. I would love to have a few restrictions (say, 3 or 4) with checkboxes beside them that would allow me to turn the restrictions for a particular day on or off. That would be easier than manually removing and creating a new restriction every time we have to re-schedule.

Would something like that make sense?


I’m working on a plugin right now at the request of another community member to ease programming and management of lock codes. It’s got a couple of features that might ease your pain, and I’m happy to look at other requests as well.

Awesome, rigpapa. I’d love to try it when it’s ready, if you’re looking for some test coverage.

is this plugin ready?
if so what is it called and where can i find it
id love to beta test if its not yet released

I have a good beta. I’ll roll up a package for you. Do you use the MiOS WWN plugin for Nest?

i would love to get the beta

i have sent you a PM

I no longer use the nest plugin
i have replaced it with the ecobee about three years ago

sorry for the late reply, I had not checked the box to get notified on replies

I emailed you a beta package on 7/29 in response to your PM to me. If you don’t have it, check your Spam/Junk folder.

yes i have checked, July 20th is my newest spam message

i have been using the beta you supplied for a while now
i have experienced relatively no issues

it works quite nice

just wondering if there is further development or plan to release to the vera store

Yes, I will probably release this into the eco-system in a month or two. There are a couple of features I want to add, most notably house-wide codes that are programmed on all locks, so you don’t have to duplicate codes and schedules on every lock; a panic feature to disable all codes but one; and one-time use codes.

those all sound fantastic
please keep me in mind for future beta releases

Can’t wait!

I am also interested. Cant wait.

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