Replacing Schlage Link with Vera. Best steps to do this?

Just got the new Vera ( the one without usb stick ) to replace Schlage Link ( due to lack of device support, programmability, monthly fee ).

Looking for the simplest or best way to go about it.

Current devices are the Schlage Locks, and various switches ( wall, socket, lamp )

Can I copy the Zwave network then make Vera the master?

Should I unpair all the devices from the Schlage Link then add them one at a time to Vera or just pair them to Vera without unpairing?

If you don’t have a huge amount of device (10 or so) and they are easily accessible, then I would exclude them all from the network and then just re-add them to Vera one-by-one. If you have more than 10, then it should be possible to copy the network from Schalge to Vera. Or you could try replicating the netwrok and if all else fails you can exclude/include them to Vera.

I’m in the < 10 range, easily accessible. So I will go this route on this upcoming rainy Saturday.

Thanks for the reply.

My switch over went fine. Just pay attention on the lock setup.

Mine went fine as well. Unpaired everything from Schlage Link, most were able to pair with Full Power Inclusion.