Replaced my FI9818...can't get the streaming URL to work...

Have had one of these for years. It finally went dark on us a few weeks back. Dragged it in to my office, and through extensive poking and testing, determined that while the thing can scan and find the wifi access points we’ve got, it won’t really talk to them. Not sure what it means. But rather than kill more time fighting it, just bought another off Amazon.

That one set up fine, and since it’s the same camera, I would have hoped that all the configuration would just work, assuming I set the camera itself up the same. Don’t laugh–this is with a Vera2 runing UI4. Someday when I have a weekend to kill, I’ll unbox the V3 I bought as a swap for my V1, but that hasn’t been needed yet.

So everything works–the tilt controls work. What doesn’t work is streaming–I have to view the stream in a browser to make sure the tilt and pan commands work. And they do.

I have the DirectStreamingURL set to %2Fvideostream.cgi. Looking at the web interface via Firebug, that looks to be still correct. But I get no updates to the frame inside the UI4 “camera control”.

Anyone run into this? I know the camera is not identical–among other things, the box claims the new one does 802.11N, whereas I’m pretty sure the originals were 802.11B, top end. For that reason, I had the old one (and have the new one) getting their wifi from my V2–so they weren’t dragging the rest of the house wifi down from G for a while, and now N.

Anyway, if anyone has a hint WRT this, love to hear it.

BTW, have the new camera set to 640x480. I doubt if that’s the problem, since switching it to 320x240 did not seem to make Vera’s UI any happier.