Replace Qolsys with Ezlo

I am looking at options to replace a Qolsys system to avoid the subscription. I assume (am not sure) the door and window sensors are Qolsys s-line or some similar 319.5mhz sensors.
I see those sensors sold on ‘works with ezlo’. Can I sell the qolsys hub and ‘drop in’ an ezlo? - pair those existing door and window sensors? Are the sensors locked in to the qolsys due to the encryption?

Hello Windverse,

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The only Qolsys device fully compatible with our eZLO hubs are the LED Light Bulbs, you can check our device compatibility website at Device Compatibility for Ezlo Hubs - Ezlo

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Jonathan Botero.
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might be cheaper to buy standard sensors that works with Ezlo or others…

Thanks for the thought. The issue is I have a house with the Qolsys installed.

Ezlo sells a device from Qolsys, and the door and window sensors are 319.5Mhz devices like many others. Will they work on Ezlo?

319.5 devices are called RF devices and they will require a RF blaster to work with …eg: Broadlink RF blaster that is compatible with Ezlo.

So Ezlo controls Broadlink RF Blaster to send instructions to the door/window sensors…

That sounds promising. I could sell the Qolsys hardware, get an ezlo, and pair the installed rf sensors. The website mentions rf, but in ‘wireless’ section I don’t see 319.5MHz (Wave Plus – 700 Series, WI-FI 8O2.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4-5GHz , Zigbee 3.0, Proprietary 345/433MHz, 4G Cellular Backup)
Is Ezlo using 345/433MHz for rf devices?

We are using 345/433 Mhz. But as @melih said, you can use Broadlink RF blaster and add your RF devices to Broadlink and then use broadlink over Ezlo.

Does the Broadlink RM Pro hub even support 319.5mhz ?

This the right page for these Qolsys door contact sensors ? It does state 319.5mhz as the RF frequency.

Also there are different versions of the Broadlink RM Pro hub available.

Most of the ones you see online have a single RF radio for 433mhz.

There is also a Broadlink RM Pro hub with dual radio for both 433mhz and 315mhz I believe.

So would 319.5mhz even work ?

You need to Google can a Broadlink RM Pro hub be used to control these Qolsys door contact sensors or not?

Plus will you get two way comms ?

I’d ditch the RF door sensors and buy something better.