repeater is connected, but switch nearby getting "Cannot connect..."???

Have a switch in back yard which was getting “Cannot connect…” so I’ve now got two repeater (one is house, one in pool pump shed). That is these: Z-Wave Home Automation Australia | Best Smart Home Devices!

The repeaters both (both near and far ends) show up fine in the Vera console, and I can click on their “ON” button and it works.

However the remote switch (which is near the remote repeater) is still not working and gives “Cannot contact device, error code: 1”.

Q1 - Any ideas here? Shouldn’t this work if the remote repeat itself (right next to the remote switch) is seemingly connected.

Q2 - Is there any special change to the connnection/config of the remote switch required? (not that I know of)

Q3 - I note in the Vera interface for the repeater that you can click ON and it works. However it seems to go back to OFF at some time. Do the ON/OFF for the repeater actually do anything? or is it just a way to test it’s in range?


when you add new nodes, particularly those that are repeaters, you must perform a zwave heal in order to have the network rejigger all of its connections.

I will do it automatically overnight or you can trigger it manually.

excellent thanks - seems to have fixed it

actually perhaps I could remove the far end repeater and try - do you normally have to do a repair if you remove a repeat too then?

Yeah. Whenever you move, remove or install anything. Wait a day to configure or do the repair if you are in a hurry :slight_smile: