Repairing/Heal the Mesh Network


I have added a couple of zwave devices into a log cabin in my garden, maybe 10 metres from the house. I have a motion sensor, a lights switch and a socket.

Oriignally i was using a fibaro dimmer insert and at first it seem the mesh was not working and the light was not responding but eventually it started to work. I then changed the light switch insert to a coolcam lightswitch - and the mesh is not working now - neither the new light switch (replacing the fibaro) or the lamp however the motion sensor on the outside of the cabin still triggers.

How can i fix the mesh? If I move the controller outside the light starts to work - assuming the connection to the main controller is strong enough… I assume I need to somehow get a link from the working motion sensor?

I know heal option is no longer on the veraplus.


I thought the heal happened automatically every night.

How long has it not worked since you replaced the Fibaro?

You could updating the neighbour nodes on those devices in the cabin and any devices in the house that are nearby the cabin.

It has not been working for 2 days although the light works intermittently… I tried indaing neighbour nodes on the functioning device but it didn’t work.

Small world btw - I hope you got my kodi plugin working :smile:

Hi John.

I still have some issues with the Kodi plugin.

I rebuilt my entire Mysql Kodi database from scratch as I updated from Mysql 5.5. to 5.7 needed doing at some point anyway.

I can view all Movies and TV show and Seasons posters, but I still can’t seem to get episode images to load, despite they are now all showing OK in the Kodi Web GUI.

I’ll post on the thread on the Home Remote forum.

I mentioned your plugin on this thread here on the Vera forum.

On which device did you do this?

On the motion sensor that is 1m from the non functioning devices, I might try to exclude and include again

What type of motion sensor? Is it battery operated? If so battery operated devices do not act as signal repeaters.

If the auto nightly healing does not seem to be helping, I would suggest running the update neighbours on all surrounding powered Z-Wave devices both ones in the cabin and any in the house that are nearest to that location.

I put the fibaro back in and it’s working again, I guess the coolcam switch doesn’t have the range of the insert which has an antenna. I’ll relocate the coolcam in the house.

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Well that’s one solution.

I myself only use Fibaro dimmers and relay switch insert modules.

Remember that there was a command for not doing the heal every night… Could it be the problem and it has to be reinstated?