removing and storing Christmas light modules?

I have two appliance modules which were used for Christmas lights. Are there any z-wave network concerns with simply unplugging the modules and boxing them up with the Christmas stuff until next year?

Any special procedures? Just unplug and store, or do I need to remove them from vera? Next year, will they show up when I plug them in?

Shouldn’t be a problem…they will just stay on ur list.
U might want to consider using them elsewhere in the house since u have them.

I always exclude mine again in case anything is using them for routing purposes. You will also see polling errors in logs, and there could be other undesirable side effects like Vera trying to repair this every night in the latest firmwares with MiOS routing.

Thanks, I was just curious about the network effect of pulling one. One is indoors so I’ll leave it plugged in. The other is an outdoor module, may just move it to the garage and plug it in. All my xmas scenes are set up, so I kinda want to leave all the scenes intact.