removed plugins luup files still present on vera lite ?

I tried some plugins some time ago and removed them afterwards because it dindt work with my devices (TV etc.)
i looked in the plugin files recently en noticed that the files installed by the plugins are still present on my vera lite.
Why are these files still there and how can i remove them ?

They are there because they are simply not removed when the plugin is deleted.

To remove them you would need to ssh to Vera and use the rm command to delete them. Take care.

is there a benefit removing them ( I have a lot from old removed plugins)

Just space on the ‘disc’, so far as I know…

…plus the important aspect of neatness and “because it’s there.”

You know you should.

Just want to say thanks for the information lads. I was having the exact same issues as above.

Manually created the folders on my USB stick and configured the Mount Point on UUID as mentioned above and it all works 100% now.

Take care.

You only need to take care if you manually uploaded files or edited files there.
If all of your files came from the APP store … then you can delete this whole area … or if you delete a file by accident, Vera will re-fetch the needed file(s) when it restarts.
If you had an old version of some plugins … you may be required to upgrade them … as the APP store might not have the version you previously installed.
So in general this is not a big deal.

Just space on the 'disc', so far as I know...
Since Vera does not have a 'disc' ... it uses your available memory. So yes this does have a cost. But the files are small so it's not usually that significant.