Remove Vera from account?

I took the upgrade offer, but instead of returning my unit I’ve passed it onto a friend so he can start using VERA2

It’s still under my login, how can I disasociate myself from the VERA2 so he has full control

Tried a factory reset on the unit but it’s obviously account related and I can’t see where to do it anywhere

Please do a search. This has been asked many times in the last month or two.

  • Garrett

searching for remove vera returns no results

thanks for your help

I found 6 threads asking this question with “remove vera”.

Here is one for starters:

  • Garrett

[quote=“richskiddle, post:3, topic:172849”]searching for remove vera returns no results

thanks for your help[/quote]

Edit: never mind

My search can’t be working then. See enclosed

But thanks for the link, I will give it a try

How can I goto http://veraIP/cgi-bin/cmh/ if it’s no longer plugged into my network?

Try having your friend issue the link.

  • Garrett

Looks like you had a topic open in General/General, then did a search using the search box; which yielded no hits in that topic?