Remove hidden Device ?

Hi Everyone,

I recently included a Fibaro Relay switch and a Remotec remote into my Veralite. But seems i pressed the Include button too many times on the switch since i see the device fine as well as the remote but…

If i go into something like triggers… In a scene, then if i use the drop down list to choose a device, i see my own device and something that seems to be a device that didn’t include it self in the list or is not really being used.

So in my “ALL” devices window in Vera i see “My Switch” but in the device list i see the “My Switch” device but i also see “_Appliance Module” which looks like the same device that didn’t finish configuring for some reason and simply did not delete it self?

Is there any way to go into the file system and delete the unused files from there through SSH? Any directory where i should look or info would really help.

Would this be a Fibaro FGS211 1 x 3kW module that you added? If so, the additional device is showing the status of the S2 input. You cannot delete the device - it will just come back. You can rename it appropriately (e.g. LightX S2) and/or you can hide it from your dashboard. It will remain on the list of devices for triggers and actions.

To hide it, place the following line at the end of your Startup Lua file using APPS → Develop Apps → Edit Startup Lua and then click GO. You will need to restart Vera for it to take effect. Replace 128 with the device number you want to hide - shown on its Advanced tab as Device # xx.


It is the Fibaro module but i am aware that it will show the second device as well and am fine with it.

The problem however is not this.

In my list of devices, on the “Devices” tab i see all of my devices, but in the “Automation” under any scene, if i select from a list of devices (in the trigger menu or advanced menu) then i see ANOTHER device _Appliance… which is basically from what i can tell some sort of a device that didn’t finish configuring or something.

It doesn’t affect my operation in any way but i would still like to delete it if i can so i have my ease of mind :slight_smile:

Actually that one is the module’s S1 device. It is already hidden because it essentially duplicates the main device so has no value. You still cannot delete it though. I usually rename mine because, with a large number of Fibaro modules on my system, _Appliance Module isn’t very helpful. You can use the following command in a browser to rename it - changed as appropriate:


Tnx guys. Really appreciate the help.