Remove a command from a scene

Under UI4 I have created a scene. It has a single command in a room called ‘Study’ and some Luup code.

I want to remove the command but can’t seem to for the life of me.

I have tried un-ticking the checkbox, and I have tried toggling the combo to Unchanged, and every combination of the two.

Can anyone help?

Do you want to remove the entire scene or just the command in the scene? To remove the scene, click on the wrench and then click on the trash can at the top right corner.

  • Garrett

Just the command. I worked out how to delete the whole scene.

I beleive that if you uncheck the command, exit, then save when you re-open the scene, it should be corrected.

I’m having this problem too. I can’t seem to remove a command from a scene.

Did you SAVE after unchecking the device?