Remotec ZXT-120... Have you seen pricing lately?

I purchased one for testing back in January for about USD70 from Amazon. I need a total of four - one for each of my Daikin head units. Since the house where they’re going was still under construction, I wasn’t able to test the first unit until this week. I got it working, and just wanted to reorder from Amazon. Price is now USD140. I must apologize profusely to anyone in the market for one of these, and I’m sure it is my fault that the price doubled.

Now off to buy three from an eBay seller in Slovenia…

Google it and you;ll find it cheaper here : [url=][/url]

Here’s another source.

Thanks guys. I guess that’s what happens when I trust Amazon and Google Shop too much. The irony is, I’ve bought about 40 of the Aeon Labs micro switches from TSH in the last 10 days. Never thought to search their site. I’ve sent a message to the Slovenian eBay seller to see if he can cancel my order - seeing as I ordered it 4 days ago and it still hasn’t shipped.

Slovenian seller agreed to cancel the order, and I just placed the order with TSH… Received confirmation with tracking number within an hour. Those guys are fast!