Remote / UI4 / GC-100-12 / IR

Is it not possible with UI4 to select which IR transmitter to use on the GC-100?

The remote shows in my scene but the Send Command To Device does not show the GC-100.

This is the code I want to assign to my TV power On button.

Any ideas, what am I missing?


I don’t know how the GC100 works but for instance with the SQ puck and the USB-UIRT, you need a plugin for the device you are trying to control, the plugin should contain the codes in pronto format and the plugin also needs to be configured with the correct IODevice of your IR transmitter.

I assume the GC100 would have been the same? Do you have a plugin installed for the TV and which TV is it?

I’ve had the GC-100 working within UI2 where I was able to test the IR code from the remote builder prior to selecting it for use.

There is a GC-100 plugin in the MM which I have installed, I see the parent and 3 child devices which are the devices 3 relays. No other options within the plugin.
In UI2 you used to be able to select the device and then choose which IR port to use. Nothing like that in UI4. Also, at the finish of the remote creation in UI4 it says to click to install . click here . which takes you here:
Its the instructions for UI2!!!


Even in UI2 you still would have needed a device plugin as well as IR device plugin when testing I think…I don’t have a GC100 so maybe it is different and able to use a built in database?

In UI2 you had a list of A/V device manufacturers to choose from, selecting the manufacturer then took you to a list of their equipment, Tv’s, CD’s etc. Selecting a Sony Tv as an example then brought up a list of user buttons with several On’s, Off’s, Volume choices. Some codes would work some wouldnt.

The chosen codes would then be available for the newly created remote. You the select which code to put on what button.

I used my Command Fusion PNG as the screen and then overlaid Vera’s buttons. But no where can I add the code to the button.
Screen shot attached.


The remote builder is still there in the add remove devices… Or I should say the IR device builder.

Thats it, I see the GC-100 plus the IR devices.
You’re a life saver!!

Thanks Strangely. :smiley:

You're a life saver!!

Why’s that then…would the trouble n strife had killed you if the TV didn’t automatically turn on? :wink:

Because I would have stayed up all night trying to suss it out. My boss my have killed me tomorrow had that happened.

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