Remote builder errors

When I try to use remote builder, I see some php errors from the mios server.

To reproduce:
Go to a scene
Select the remote tab
Select “create remote”

You’ll get a popup from Remote builder
with the error: Notice: Undefined index: redirect_url in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 335

Fill out the inital details.
On the next screen you’ll get the error:
Notice: Undefined variable: _SESSION in /var/www/vhosts/ on line 619

Then in the remote screen there are no devices selectable in the “Send command to device” drop down.

This is a known issue. I have been working with MCV since early May trying to get this working. They have a partial fix that allows you to specify the devices to send commands to in the drop-down, but when you try to run the scene in the Smartphone Web interface, it does not forward you to the remote control page you created and sometimes gives you a Handler Error. Please see my post here for details:

I first contacted MCV via email and have a recently opened ticket on it, per MCV request, as well.

Thanks for the info.

I hope they fix it soon.
I’ll post a followup to that thread.