Remote Access Issues

Hello. I have been using AuthomationHD without issues for the past couple of months but I just upgraded my Android phone OS and now the remote connection doesn’t work.

I am using Tasker to control AHD. On my local wifi network everything works fine. On mobile, when I try to send commands it says “Empty Response”. When I try to refresh AHD it says "Invalid Username or Password.

I have un/reinstalled AHD and no luck. Auto-configure when not on wifi says it cannot find any Vera units. It then prompts me for my username and then password, and then says that I’m set up, but I get the same responses as above.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

When I upgraded to OS 4.4 (KitKat) I also had issues with remote control but only with Trigger. I can’t get Trigger to execute a on or off command to a virtual switch (one that worked fine before with OS 4.2 Jelly Bean). My work around was to write a scene and have Trigger run the scene to flip the vswitch.

Your issue seems more severe. I hate to say this, but Authomation and Trigger may be fine — 4.4 is probably the root cause. Did you do a full factory reset of your Android device following the software update? Backing up you pictures and files then doing a reset is always a good idea - even though it is cumbersome to restore the device apps…

Good luck!