Remote access behind a shared IP?

Here is the scenario: My ski condo complex has it’s own cable/internet distribution system. I’ve got my own modem/router but my IP is internal to the complex. I’m going to assume Vera/mios can not resolve this for remote access purposes? As it has no idea where I am on the other side of the public IP address? OR can it? I suppose my roku works…so maybe it can?

Or is there a persistent ssh tunnel opened by the vera? In which case? maybe? I have no idea.

Other option I suppose is to set up my router as VPN client to the router in my house and then just have it tunnel through that? Last option which I’m not even sure is one is to call ComCrap and see if they’ll hook me up.

Vera phones out from your Network (and Private IP address) to it’s Servers.

It doesn’t matter how many layers are in between, as long as those layers aren’t actively blocking it’s request(s) - and they’d have to go seriously out of their way to do that. It’s not that different to how your Web requests go out from your network, it’s just a different protocol.

Ya. Just read another post about security and came to the same conclusion. Makes sense and makes my life easier.