reload on wakeup

the app seems to have a option to “reload on reactivate” but the function does not include the wakeup event.

i bought a small 4" device and nailed it on the wall.
after a few days i found out that the battery is getting low (even on permanent power) due the display consumes too much power.

soi turn off the never sleep setting and set the screen to sleep after 30 minutes.
i dont like it that way … but setting the screen to zero brightness results in flicker … and thats VERY anoying.

anyway, after the device sleeping for a while, punching the power button, (AutHomation is still the active app)
it does not refresh at all. untill i pull down the screen to reload …

possible to have the app refresh too if the device wakeup ? (not only if get back to active state) ?

This option is only for when you load the app to the foreground. So if the app is not the active app and you bring it up, this option will reload the data. Use the background polling option as this will do what you want.

  • Garrett