reliable method for audible alarm set, disarmed

Hi guys,

I’ve built an alarm system using pleg and a variety of sensors and keypad.

So far it works really well.

My only issue has been that I want an audible for alarm armed/disarmed in my porch.

I’ve put a usb speaker out there connected to my wall mounted tablet in my hall. Running Vera alerts and Tasker in the background.
Both are capable of playing an mp3 or TTS and often do, but for some reason they both sometimes simply do not see the changes on Vera (but imperihome can see the change no problem)

I was thinking of using the imperihome app on the Vera to activate TTS on the imperi app but this limits me only to TTS and not mp3.

Anyone have a solution (was considering aeon labs doorbell but that’s not available in Europe)