Release notes - Vera Mobile iOS v3.28

We are excited to show you the new, redesigned dashboard. Control your favorite scenes and devices right when you open the app.

Customise your dashboard to better fit your needs:

  • You can create custom sections with your most important devices or scenes
  • You can choose between 2 presentations of the header: regular and compact
  • You can change the background image

Good news never come alone, we added a bonus feature in this update: now you can create Siri Shortcuts to run your scenes.

Known issue:
Using special characters like emoticons in section name may determine dashboard go to default settings.

Here is our demo video:

Jolly good
Have you resolved the crashing issue?


The pictures of the dashboard in Apple appstore is the old ones. Is 3.28 there the new Dashboard?

Yes. We will update the screenshots on Monday

Ok great!
Will you continue developing the new dashboard And release more beta?
The new dashboard has made the use of vera much more easy.
The next thing i would like is rooms or be able to have subtiles or subgroups (Don’t now what we call them).

Then you can have all of your devices accesable without scrolling. You can reach everthing from one screen . Just Tap for exempel Livingroom and all lights(or whatever device you have there) pops up in a new Tile . Then a easy way to back to first screen(dashboard)…

I think this would be a killer!

Keep up the good work Adina!
/ Mattias

Thank you Mattias for all the feedback you offered in the past weeks. Having a representation of rooms is on our list :slight_smile:
We will continue the beta program with regular updates

Of a thing is good yo can make it when better is my motto!

One thing i think is importent when you developer the app is that you should be able to use the app Holding your phone and use with one hand. For example to get back to first screen/dashboard . If you tap anywhere outside the tile/Groupframe it Will take you back
To first screen/dashboard , not just a X to tap.

Of course your fingers cant reach the hole screen so sometimes you just have to use booth hands…:smiley:

So far I’m liking the interface. Would it be possible to have thermostats display the temperature like humidity sensors display the current humidity? Kind of lost this with the new interface.

I like the new interface but lack the previous functions to lock all locks, turn on all lights. I can replace those with scenes of course…

I think Adina Will put in more stuff as we go. Its better to update the app with small changes more often so it dosen become a 7:30Gate…
/ M

One bug that still is there is that in some devices who are off and tile is grey but the light is yellow.
If i turn it on and off the light gets darkgrey as it should be.
/ m

Hmm…We are looking into it. Do you have the same issue on Devices screen or is just here on Dashboard?

Hi yes! Look at pictures.

Thank you. Your pictures helped a lot.

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One more possible bug - renaming scenes will disable Siri shortcuts - they need to be recreated. I think it was noted in a Google Home topic already that this causes problems for the Google Home scenes also.

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One more issue, I have deleted and recreated scenes, the deleted ones still show up on the list as empty items.

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Thank you for your feedback. I won’t count the one with Siri a bug considering the mechanism behind the implementation, with names. We will try in the future updates to go around this :slight_smile:
The second one is a synchronization bug, we will look into it. Does the issue persists if you reopen the app?

Thanks. Not sure if persists as I have deleted the empty items. It should be easy to reproduce. Create a scene, add it in the app and then delete scene from Vera GUI.

Thanks for this release. Unfortunately, the bug I submitted is still there

Roller shutters have disabled controls. Not everyone, but many of them have this behavior.

Could you please send me the shutter model and manufacturer and the firmware version you have on your controller in a private message? Thank you