Release notes - Vera camera plugin v. 1.52

We’re excited to release today a new update for the Vera camera plugin v.1.52 with the following:

  • All recordings/snapshots are now stored in the new Ezlo cloud;
  • Improved the camera connectivity;
  • Improved the snapshot retrieval;
  • Improve the plugin startup when camera is offline;
  • For VistaCam 1200:
    • the motion sensor device was removed, so users can receive notifications when movement is detected, no matter the house mode
    • Added the following Scene triggers:
      • Doorbell’s button is pressed;
      • Motion is detected;
      • Motion is no longer detected.

Known issues:

  • If you create a scene in the WebUI to add record/snapshot on VistaCam 1200 as an action, it won’t work. Until we have a new Vera firmware release, please use your mobile phone to create this scene with the VeraMobile app.
  • If you pair the VistaCam 1200, the motion sensitivity slider is not displayed for now in webUI and VeraMobile for iOS.

Important! If you already created a scene with the motion sensor of the VistaCam 1200, please note you must edit the scene and use one of the VistaCam 1200 triggers.


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