Release Notes - UI7 - Vera Firmware Update - v.7.0.31 (1.7.4954/1.7.4955/1.7.4956) - February 19th, 2020

And add to that (confirmed by support) that several previously correct add-a-ble devices now are suddenly not. With the symptoms of adding additional devices, ghost devices or incorrectly detected devices (for me qubino and fibaro).

What is the verdict? Is it a disaster like the previous update for Vera Plus users or much safer?

The update process itself is reasonably safer. That’s how it passed beta, which for the first time in the vera’s history as far as I can tell is releasing the same build which was beta tested… Hallelujah!!

Just a side not if upgrading from 7.29:
7.30 beta and 7.31 upgrades are different because they include a kernel image upgrade which is not reversible from the normal process. What this means is that once you upgrade from the UI, you can never go back to a previous build of firmware (7.29 and below) and have it function exactly the same way. The previous firmware upgrades did not include a kernel so when you downgrade… it will stick with the new kernel. What this means is that the firmware upgrade is more risky as you incur the risk of corrupting the kernel if the upgrade goes bad and that the upgrade takes longer… it writes a little bit more data. This is a small price to pay to enjoy a much improved flash drive partition usage.


I think the must be a typo in the version:

We are pleased to announce that we’re releasing today Firmware v.7.0.3 for the following controllers

Must be 7.0.31? Or 7.32?

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I think in 7.29 also the zwave firmware is upgraded from 4.5 to 6.0.

Took me a couple of re-reading before I think I understand what you are trying to say.
My post is not about the zwave firmware. It is about the linux kernel running on the OS of the vera.
I think you confused the two.
If you want to talk about zwave firmware see my post here:

It can be done completely independently of the vera firmware. The 4.5 and 6 also do not mean much.
These are the actual zwave versions:

Sooooo, a new firmware with a “Known Issues” section that is 10x bigger that the “Fixes” section ?
I hope this new firmware does more the just the 4 fixes mentioned ? It has been many,many months in development ?


Just tried to disable wifi after upgrading and the unit crashed with an error and rebooted.
It feels like this platform is being held together with duct tape and chewing gum and the focus is shifting away from the Vera to the Ezlo product. I know people work hard and you can’t catch every issue but the list of known issues in this release far out weighs the fixes. I guess I should just be happy that the unit actually upgraded without error.

I updated my test Vera Plus. This went fast. First thing I notice now: Watt readings on wall plugs (both Fibaro and Greenwave) are not visible anymore in the UI. In Variables-Watts I can see the actual readings.
Can someone confirm this new bug ?

Yes all my power reading have disappeared

Great ! again an example of 2 steps foreward and 1 step back (if no disasters like christmas lights pop up again).

To be fair, the fixed list is a gap to 7.31 beta 1. It is very incomplete. Given the pull of 7.30 you should add the 7.31 beta 1 list and the 7.30 list. If coming from 7.29, the list of fixes is actually quite massive and this is one of the most significant releases.

@Mai_Pensato. Interesting that this Wattage problem was not on beta 1.

@Tim88. This is odd too since it is something I tested. I have my test vera with wifi disabled next to me at the moment. Might be worth a ticket to CS…

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The initial upgrade displayed something to the effect that the luup engine was taking to long and showed a button to manually reload. Instead of doing a manual reload I did a browser refresh and it took me back to the login page and when I logged back in it showed the controller to be offline, eventually the controller came back on line.
Prior to 7.30 I had wifi disabled but enabled wifi after the 7.30 update debacle as this was prescribed to be a workaround for the Christmas tree issue. So knowing that 7.31 fixed this issue I wanted to disable it once again and upon disabling it that’s when the controller errored and rebooted.

Ok so in what state are you in after the reboot?
If you wifi is still on try to go into the apps/test lua screen and execute this:
os.execute("/sbin/wifi down")
This should turn off your wifi.

Just to be clear, I am updating from 7.0.29, do I need to have wifi on for this update?

It’s rebooted and fully back up and wifi is off. So I should be good. Thanks. :grinning:

Should be able to update with wifi off. Gosh… I am quasi tech support here.


@rafale77, after updating to the new firmware will we need to re-apply your suggested Zwave settings or have some/all been set as defaults?
Thanks for all the info.

The settings should be saved in your user-data so if you did not do a factory reset, they should all still be there. If you did go through a factory reset then a restore from backup should bring them back.

Rafale, in the lightof this question above. I experience that if I exclude and include a battery sensor your settings are not copied to that sensor. Correct?