Release Notes Google Home - Ezlo Smart Home Control Action update

We’re excited to announce that we’ve released an update for the Ezlo Smart Home Control Action for Google Home and now you can use the following functionality:

  • Dimming
  • Open/Close
  • Adjust
  • Get the state of the online devices

And we have more good news - the Ezlo Smart Home Control Action has now support for the following languages:

  • French
  • French - Canada :canada:
  • French - France :fr:
  • German :de:
  • Italian :it:
  • Spanish
  • Spanish - Latin America
  • Spanish - European

Happy to see the Google Home service and the Alexa skills are being updated with the new actions.

Biggest thing I don’t like with the current Vera / Google Home service is that I cannot control RGBW colour Z-Wave lights via voice commands.

But I can do that for the Philips Hue RGBW lights I have.