Release candidate 4 - time to get famous?

[quote=“micasaverde, post:1, topic:164329”]This is our release candidate 4. We are going through the Zensys certification now, which will also certify the security layer we implemented for the Schlage locks. In addition to the door locks, this release supports the original HSM100 3-in-1 sensors, and the Intermatic CA3750. There is now a ‘heal network’ under Z-Wave options, as all well as a ‘job viewer’ for detailed information on the status of all your recent Z-Wave jobs. These help with debugging Z-Wave problems. See:

It also includes an end user license agreement which you will see the first time you hit ‘save’.[/quote]

IMHO by now Vera started to look very appealing having rare combination of easy UI, and super-duper advanced options to play with for those who can, all in the same device. Kudos to micasaverde - now it’s time for some good marketing, isn’t it?

BTW, where’s ‘job viewer’ option?

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