Recommendations - Vera

Hello, I am looking to migrate off a ISY-99i pro platform, as I missed the cheaper upgrade option and device is now stuck in the past. I have around 5 insteon devices and 8 X10 devices in my home. I am looking to get away from the X10 devices as they fail. I have searched around the forum trying to determine the level of support for Insteon and X10 and I have not been able to glean exactly what works and does not work on the new Vera edge device.

I have a pump under insteon control that I have a program that runs it for X minutes sleeps X minutes and iterates over this for X number of times, sends emails, checks device statuses and make decisions bases of those status. I am interested in the Vera platform as it appears to be very versatile and one can write some custom Lua code to control devices. I also saw 3rd party app that may be able to accommodate a similar program.

Any input / information would be greatly appreciated.

Frankly the Vera is not your best option for Insteon. Look at Homeseer or the new ISY.

Thank you for your input. I have not used any Zwave products, I have read about them. They seem to be a little cheaper ( a few dollars) but are available from many vendors, which I like, I hate being tied to one vendor. Are Zwave products on the same level of reliability as Insteon (same or better)?

I started with z-wave, but have since added insteon for the fanLincs and scene controllers (KPLs). I personally have all but decided to move to all insteon at least for the lighting. I prefer that level of control I get. Mainly I prefer that I can change the level that the light turns on at the switch. Most z-wave if not all dimmers always return to their last dim level when turned on at the switch.