Receptacle - BOTH z-wave and not pass-through

Is there one? Almost all of them I’m looking at have one z-wave and one pass-through…

You can use the Aeon Labs Micro SES (Micro Smart Energy Switch) and wire it to your own receptacle. This way you can make it completely controlled by Z-Wave - I have a few like this in my kitchen and they work great! You can find some details on these nifty little Z-Wave devices at under the REVIEWS area

I looked around and could not find where to buy them. Any clues?

@myhomeserver - thx for the info

BTW - you may want to check your website - It seem to crash both IE as well as chrome!! (page non responsive)

It looks like java script associated with amazon never finishes according to Firefox. If I stop the scripts, then the web site works.

The Aeon Labs Micro SES is still not available in the US … Aeon keeps saying it is in UL testing status for the last 7 months.