Really stopping UPnP scanning, 7.30 related?


On my test box (Edge) I noticed in the log files quite a bit of scanning of IP addresses on the known UPnP ports. Which I consider odd as I have the Automatic Device Detection turned off in the Net & Wi-fi settings. Quite a lot of lines like this

01	11/22/19 12:05:07.762	FileUtils::ReadURL 0/resp:400 user: pass: size 100 response: <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Error 400</TITLE></HEAD><BODY><H1>Error 400</H1><P>Bad Request</P></BODY></HTML> <0x739ab520>
01	11/22/19 12:05:07.763	JobHandler_LuaUPnP::ConfirmUpnpFile can't retrieve basefile AlarmClock1.xml <0x739ab520>

I looked at the user_data and noticed that the flag UpnpScanning is set to “1”. I turn that to 0

luup.attr_set("UpnpScanning", 0, 0)

Rebooted the box and now scanning indeed did stop.

I never noticed this scanning with the Automatic Device Detection turned off and my Lite (on 7.28) does not do this, but also does not have the UpnpScanning flag in the user_data at all.

I also looked at my Plus (7.30 beta) and noticed a second flag EnableUPnP. This and the UpnpScanning flag are both zero as expected.

So, not sure if it is Edge or 7.30 specific. Anyhow, another way to reduce network chatter by the Vera.

Cheers Rene

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Huh never noticed this. Thanks for reporting!
By the way the second 0 for the luup.attr_set is optional if you are setting it for the controller.

I know it should default to zero when not specified, but I had some weird behavior when omitting it in the past.

Hmm on the plus I don’t have a UPnPscanning attribute. I instead have a UPnPDiscoveryInterval and the usual EnableUPnP.

In my opinion, that setting has never really disabled UPnP polling. If you set logs to verbose, you can see it still happens - I think it just doesn’t create devices for any it finds compatible.

So I guess the best way to be sure there is no UPnP scanning going on run these two in the Lua test window.

luup.attr_set("EnableUPnP", 0, 0)
luup.attr_set("UpnpScanning", 0, 0)

Cheers Rene

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I will do that just in case… it can’t hurt. Odd that I am not seeing this attribute on the plus.

I know. Maybe it is a left over from an older UI7 version as the two Edge’s I have it in is running longer then any Plus.

Cheers Rene