Ready to buy

OK , I have found that SmartHome has VERA on sale for $250 and free shipping. Sounds like a great deal to me. Was orginally going to wait until MCV finished the new UI until I decided to purchase one. Now I don’t want to miss this sale. SmartHome picture of VERA is the old style (Vera 1) but has a note that it is selling the new style (Vera 2). ??? I guess I just lack confidence in buying now. I would really like some feedback from anyone as to buy from SmartHome or MCV ? or wait until the new UI is finished. Thanks for any advice you might have.


I bought from SmartHome and received a Vera 2, so I wouldn’t be concerned about that (a few weeks ago).

As far as waiting for the new UI, not sure if you will benefit from waiting. I assume we’ll get an update when it’s ready (though I really don’t know for sure). I can tell you, as someone spending this afternoon trying to get a (singular) very simple scene to work, the current UI is awful. This is the most counter intuitive UI I have ever used.

I couldn’t pass on the sale and mine shipped out today. I guess I’ll see how th UI is in a few days.

Don’t worry about the UI or Vera 2. Vera 2 is basically the same thing with minor differences and the UI has two styles to choose from with another in the works. You did the right thing in buying during the sale.

Great news, I ordered a VERA from SmartHome. Well at least it’s great news to me. I’m excited to get it setup and working. I couldn’t pass up the good price.