Reactors resetted themself and logic programming gone

I have spent alot of time to get the rectors to work, Now i found out that they have resetted themself and all logic programming is gone… WHY??? It happend once and i had to do them again. Today it happend again… No i have a back up i hope…
The name of the sensors i still there and wich room its in,but all logics gone.
What can be wrong @rigpapa ?

Thanx Mattias

I have this memory cleaning code in a scene that runs once a week to clean memory.

Can that have anything to do with it?

os.execute(“rm -r /overlay/etc/cmh/ergy*”)
os.execute(“rm -r /overlay/etc/”)
os.execute(“rm -r /overlay/etc/cmh-firmware/mios*”)
os.execute(“rm -r /overlay/etc/cmh/alerts.json”)
os.execute(“rm -r /overlay/dataMine”)

Is it one sensor or all of them?

Its 2 reactors of 7 that has logic Missing.

/ Mattias

What country are you in?

A rainy Sweden :smiley::sweden:

OK. The JSON parser on Vera is pretty dated and the typical version seen in the distribution has trouble with some Unicode characters. I suspect you have inadvertently entered something that is giving it heartburn. If that rings any bells with you, let me know. The documentation for the JSON library in particular calls out Unicode 2028 and 2029, which can also create trouble on the JavaScript side as well as the Lua side, apparently.

I’m working on some defensive changes that I can put out as a hotfix, assuming I’m on the right track with this, but I have no idea. In theory, this could even extend into Vera’s handling of user_data, as it is also JSON.

Do you recall what the last things you did were when the sensors lost their configs? More detailed tracing of steps here would help. Clearly, if we can get to something reproducible, we can attack it directly. Otherwise, we’re just speculating.

hi ok…
I dont really remember the last things i did before i noticed that they had been resetted.
I will run a backup and get them back and them have them under observation and note what i do with the vera before if it eventually happens again…

Thanx for so long!!

I’ve just posted the hotfix for this. You really likely only need the JS file, from here: Reactor 3.4 Hotfixes

Have uploaded it so lets cross the fingers and hope it will work!

Big thanx!