Reactor sensor - urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1/Status? (missing)

Hi Patrick et all,

I’ve been having issue with one of my reactor sensors not turning on devices reliably. Not sure what’s causing it…

Before I delve into the logic summary, I did notice something odd when I was adding some conditions checking the device state of “(this ReactorSensor)”. Under the drop down menu, it contained an unusual entry titled: "urn:upnp-org:serviceId:SwitchPower1/Status? (missing) "

(see screen shot for better clarity)

Any ideas what I might have done to create this “missing” entry under my reactor sensor?

Thanks All!

I’ve seen this where a device has not fully updated its capabilities so effectively you’re trying to send a command it doesn’t understand (Patrick will correct me, I’m sure!)

You might want to go to the Reactor Tools tab and hit ‘Update device information’ See if that helps.

Having said that, I see you’re actually looking at the Reactor sensor itself? No idea why you’d be trying to get power status for that? Maybe it’s another of your sensors?


I’m actually not trying to get the power status for it. I was just going to poll the LastTrip variable for the sensor. I just noticed that error message about the “missing” item in the bottom of the list and thought it was weird so thought I’d ask if anyone knew if it would be responsible for causing problems… or how I might get rid of it I guess.

I did try a device update, and it DID show that I was out of date. I hope that resolves the problem I’ve seen where sometimes it’s not turning on the devices as scheduled (and as the logic would imply). This did surprisingly, also remove the “missing” item from the dropdown list. Nice job Catman! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

Will watch and see if the problem resurfaces (i.e. the occasional not turning on devices).

unless anyone knows if the “missing” item in the dropdown list, which seemingly resulted from me using an ‘old device info’ database could have explained this problem?

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I’m not sure they’re linked at all, but I guess it depends on what device you’re trying to turn on :wink:

I’m sure @rigpapa would ask for a Logic Summary. But I won’t because they make my head hurt!


Ha Ha ya mine too. Ok will watch and see if the problem resurfaces before we resort to that lol :rofl:

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