Reactor delay or Device delay


I have the following situation, programmed actions are taking a long time to execute.

A basic example to illustrate the situation: detect a movement and turn on a light.

  1. Device detects the movement and the Reactor delays to recognize the device tripped.
  2. Reactor recognizes the tripped, but delays to execute the action of turning on the light.
  3. Reactor reacts to the action, sends the command, but the device does not turn on the light immediately.

Any way for me to debug this situation online? See the steps being executed and try to identify where a delay might be happening?


Look at your LuaUPnP log. ZWave delays are notorious on Vera. Look at your log, see if you’ve got the famous “got CAN” and other warning signs of mesh or device problems. Lots of threads on here about it. Make sure you don’t have any devices offline (dead batteries, etc.), but that’s not the only reason. There are many tweaks and attempts to work around the various issues. For battery-operated motion sensors, disabling the wakeup ARR/NNU is advised (see threads linked below)

To get the log, you can request http://vera-local-IP/cgi-bin/cmh/ from a browser (local access–put your Vera’s IP in where indicated).

Thank you very much for the quick response, I will take each of the information and see what I can do. I am really getting mad with the huge slowness that is my system, I have eliminated devices that I do not use, all that did not have 100% battery replaced, I have done factory reset, reinstalled everything again from Reactor, and I follow with slownesses. Well I will work with your information, and once again thank you very much!


With the help of the Vera Support, Leandro Arango (great service), he rebuild all the z-wave network and installed the firmware 7.32, almost a factory reset. Then I installed the stable version of Reactor 3.9, then I found this post and performed the steps indicated.

My system is now flying! I’ve been suffering for a long time from slowness, devices that were slow to respond, slow network. With the changes, my system now looks different, I went from a biplane to a jet plane.


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