Reactor - Announcements


  • Vera (all firmware releases, including the latest 1.7.5185/5186/5187): 3.11 (no current hotfixes)
  • openLuup (requires 2020.04.14b or higher): 3.1 (no current hotfixes)

Installing the latest Reactor plugin is done from Github now. I no longer use the Vera App Marketplace to distribute and install updates.

To install:

  1. Go to the Reactor Github releases page
  2. Download the ZIP file for the current release.
  3. UnZIP the file contents to a folder on your local system.
  4. In the Vera UI, open Apps > Develop apps > Luup files
  5. Group-select the downloaded files (not the ZIP file) and drag them together to the Upload button in the UI.
  6. Wait until the upload finishes and your Vera has reloaded.
  7. Confirm the version number now running in any ReactorSensor (Tools tab, way down in the footer) or the Reactor master device (About tab).

Please refer to the file in the Github repository for full release notes.

Iā€™m releasing Reactor 3.8 as an interim release with all of the 3.7 hotfixes incorporated as well as a few minor changes and enhancements from the current development thread (where much of the work is still under test and not yet ready for release).

It will shortly be available in the AltAppStore, and should be published in the Vera App Marketplace by tomorrow morning US Eastern.


Reactor 3.11 is now released.

  • Add Use curl checkbox to HTTP Request action ā€” this allows the action to bypass the aging Lua http/https libraries in the Vera firmware, which are increasingly having trouble connecting to some servers due to limitations in the library cipher suite. The curl command, oddly, seems to offer more options and still works for many servers.

See the head post for upgrade instructions.

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