Reactor and Pool Control

I have the Jandy Pool Control Plugin by @rstrouse (thank you very much!) with Autelis running fine on my VeraPlus. I also have a 4-speed Pool Pump that I control with two dual FortrezZ MIMO Relays outside of the Jandy Controller, the pool plugin and Autelis.

This works great for different pump speeds throughout the day but I probably have 20 separate scenes set up to change speeds, stop pumping and even turn off / on the pool and spa lights in the evening and morning.

I’d like to replicate this with one Reactor and also add in a method to return to the “normal state” after doing an override, such as turning on the spa; In other words, if the pool filtration is in, say, 2200RPM pump mode when turning on the spa and after done with the spa the filtration is in any other mode (Off, 1400RPM or 3450RPM, typically) the system will return to where it is supposed to be. Currently it just shuts down when turning off the spa mode and I’d rather it return to its “normal” state.

Any help in setting up reactor to have multiple conditions trigger multiple activities would be great. Once I learn this I can proceed to automating my HVAC…


Any help is much appreciated!

A ReactorSensor can contain as many condition groups as you want to create. Each group has its own Activities (like scenes) when for it goes true and false.

I recommend you watch the videos to help you get started.

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It is having multiple activities for each group that has me confused. I’ll watch the videos… I’m usually a read instructions type guy but have had to learn to learn from YouTube lately…

DoUntil>Understood (Pause, back up, watch again).

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I’ve got you:


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