Reactor 3.8 & lua code

If I have the following lua code in Reactor activities:

local msg = “:warning:

With each save it gets converted to something like the following (more characters with each save, and maybe with luup reload and other activities):

local msg = "⚠ï¸Â"

This behaviour is not limited to emojis, also happens with scandic characters like ä and ö. Should be easily repeated. Should I be able to circumvent this somehow, e.g. by using some encoding?

Vera or openLuup?

Vera UI7, latest firmware on VeraPlus

OK. If you updated to 3.9 for Pushover (stable branch), use the same link you used before to get the latest stable branch release and install it. You really only need J_ReactorSensor_UI7.js, if you want to be surgical about it.

If you’re still on 3.8, then grab the 20320 hotfix in the pinned Hotfix post and install that.

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UTF encoding?

Yes, same approach fixed two years ago in both Reactor and LuaView, but now… needs more.

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