Re: Setup

So I finally got around to updating everything - not sure why since everything had been working great, but anyways that isn’t fun so I went for it and I like the look of the new Caddx interface but I seem to have lost my alarm breached scene. In the past it was setup as:

  1. Create a scene, and go to the Events tab.
  2. Select the partition device (not the whole security system and not one of the sensors).
  3. Select Partition is Breached.
  4. Select Yes for Is Breached?.
  5. Set whatever notifications you want as you would for any other scene.

But I no longer see these options or anything related to being breached for that matter. How would I go about setting this up again - like to get notifications if the alarm goes off.

[quote=“napolitano172, post:1, topic:174856”]3. Select Partition is Breached.
4. Select Yes for Is Breached?.[/quote]

In version 2 of the Partition service, this event has been renamed to “Alarm Active” to match the other manufacturers of alarm panels. Let me know if that works for you.

Interesting - saw the Alarm active but was not 100% sure what it was. So everything is working 100% - including the stay buttons. I also purchased the and for anyone looking for an IPAD / IPOD program that controls the alarm panel as well - this is the APP for you. I love that you can mark things as favorite - this allows you to put the alarm and a door on a page by themselves - making it very easy to use, check - great for others in the house who don’t really need to see everything.