re-run scenes that are true in pleg

i have 2 scenes in pleg

  • livingroom that controls: kitchen and livingroom lights.
  • scene kitchen: if somone walks to the kitchen, then the dimmer go’s higher.

the problem is not when i walk to the kitchen(the lights go brighter), it is when i’m not in the kitchen(the lights need to go to brightness of the livingroomscene, where the kitchen scene is configured).

i created an off scene except i don’t know how to re-run all scenes that are true, can somone help me with that?

Turn “Repeats” on for the condition.

First off all thanks for your reply :), Second it solved my question except not the situation. now both conditions keep running(lights are getting brighter and darker in the kitchen). is there a way to exclude the kitchen lights from the livingroomscene if kitchen is on. And if the kitchen sense no motion then the living room scene with the included kitchen scene can take it over?

Break it into two separate condition … and put the appropriate actions with each condition.